This website is only used for demonstrating some of our Joomla! Extensions. Currently the following UWiX extensions are installed on this demo site:

BreadCrumbs CSS

To view the functionallity of this module you can browse to any page on this demo website and view the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page. Just hover over one of the breadcrumbs to see the CSS effect used to make the website a bit more 'flashy'. Ofcourse only one effect is set for this demonstration site but isn't it neat?


Clicking on the Digifolio link at the top of the page will get you to our sample portfolio page. Just click the project title or any image to see what the component can do. Ofcourse you can also log in to the backend to see the component in action. Some options are disabled in the backend because this is a demo site but it'll give you a good idea what the component can do!


This component can only be viewed from the backend. At the bottom of this article you can read about the user credentials needed and the link to the backend, ofcourse. View the component in the backend to learn about what can be logged and which details are stored for each log entry. For this demonstration website the 3rd party plugins like ZOO, Advanced Module Manager and Kunena are not installed.

ReqText for VirtueMart

A lot of users requested a way to see this VirtueMart plugin being demonstrated so here it is! By clicking ReqText for V.M. in the top menu you can browse our mini-webshop. Select the one product displayed and just click the details button to view it a bit better. Now click Add to Cart to see the "Required Field" balloon tips appear. This is what the ReqText plugin does! Now fill in the form fields and press the Add to Cart once more and see the product is added to the shopping cart.


User credentials

You can log into the frontend using the following user credentials:

Username: demo
Password: demo

For log into the back-end you'll need to click this link and use the following user credentials:

Username: demo
Password: demo


Please be aware that this demo site will be reset every 60 minutes. This will revert any changes made by any demo user / manager.